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Absolute Automotive : Audi, VW, Porsche & Volvo Service

Service is the foundation of Absolute Automotive; it is precisely where our business began. At Absolute Automotive we understand the importance of providing our customers with peace of mind. We realized early on that we wanted to provide a level of service that simply cannot be found in a shop that works on anything and everything. Accordingly, we specialize in working on a few brands of cars and we do this well.

We are the shop that other shops call when they need to fix a car that they can't handle. We are the shop people turn to when the dealership continually fails to fix their cars. We have years of experience and the knowledge gained from working extensively on your brand of car that other shops simply don't.

By servicing only cars we know, we can give you the results you are looking for. Along with our specialized knowledge, we have the specialized equipment to diagnose and tune your vehicle to run optimally. We keep updated on the most current products, continually remaining ahead of all others. Absolute Automotive owns electronic tools even the dealerships don't have. We use the RossTech VCDS for Volkswagen and Audi applications and the Durametric Pro system for Porsche vehicles. For Volvo applications, Volvo ScanCar and the latest version of Volvo's factory diagnostic tool (the Volvo "Dice") are used. Add to the list literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of tools, all the generic diagnostic tools any well equipped shop needs, and finally our Mustang Dynamometer all wheel drive chassis dyno.

You simply will not find a better equipped shop for the service and value we are able to offer our customers. Feel free to browse to our Contact page for our hours, location and contact information and schedule your appointment today!