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Absolute Automotive opened for business on November 1, 1997, and has specialized in Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Porsche maintenance & performance for over 18 years.

We offer complete engine building and many machine shop services, such as crankshaft balancing and flow bench testing. We continue to make improvements to our space and have recently added new blowers that increase airflow across our dyno.

We have always been passionate about performance and driving cars. We continue to be focused on performance, spending more time at the track testing products and pushing limits.

We acknowledge that market-driven fads for items such as discount aftermarket brands, ridiculously-low suspensions, notched frames, and outrageously stretched tires have changed the focus for many shops. This is NOT the case with Absolute Automotive. As a quality, performance-driven business we can simply maintain your vehicle's peak performance or we can take it to the next level with quicker acceleration, stronger braking, and better cornering. THIS is what we do.